The North Carolina Smallbore Silhouette Championship Matches will be held at ARPC this year, on May 2 and 3.

As host club we want to support this event with great turnout. Even of you are new to the sport, we welcome your participation. The event breaks down as follows

May 2 — Smallbore Standard Rifle Silhouette Championship
May 3 — Smallbore Hunting Rifle Silhouette Championship

TIMES: Matches begin promptly at 9:00 AM.
ENTRY FEES: $55 for one match, $75 for both days
JUNIOR ENTRY: $45 for one match, $65 for both days,
Entry Fees include NRA and NCRPA fees, lunches, target setters (and t-shirt if entry is received no later than April 17)

MEMBERSHIP: Competition is open to all shooters. All shooters must have an up-to-date 2015 NRA Silhouette Rifle Classification Score Record Book. Score books will be available at the tournament.

REGISTRATION: Entry Form with payment must be received by April 17th in order to receive a
free T-shirt. Entries will be accepted until tournament date or until range capacity is reached.

60 shooters per day. Early registration is recommended!

PRACTICE: Range will be open for practice Friday, May 1, from noon until 6:00 PM, and on match
days from 8:00am -8:45 am. Matches will begin promptly at 9:00 AM.

SQUADDING: Competitors may choose their squadding on a first come/first served basis prior to the
beginning of the tournament. Competitors will score for the relay following them.

COURSE OF FIRE: Tournament will consist of (2) 40-shot matches each day as follows:
SATURDAY AM & PM: Standard Rifle Matches
SUNDAY AM & PM: Hunting Rifle Matches
    10 shots – Chickens @ 40 meters
    10 shots – Pigs @ 60 meters
    10 shots – Turkeys @ 77 meters
    10 shots Rams @ 100 yards
AGGREGATE: Combined scores of each day’s AM & PM scores will determine award winners
Shoot-off for tie breakers will be held at the completion of each day’s tournament.

RULES: 2014/15 NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette rules will apply in Standard and Hunting Rifle classes.
EMPTY CHAMBER INDICATOR rule will be strictly enforced. Only Standard velocity ammunition will be permitted to avoid damage to targets. Case deflectors will be required on rifles ejecting cases in a manner that may strike other competitors.
CLASSIFICATION: NRA rules will apply. Unclassified shooters will compete as Masters unless three (3) are present to make a class. Lone competitors will shoot in next higher classification.
Three (3) competitors will make a stand-alone class.

AWARDS: All awards will be based on 80-shot aggregate. The winning North Carolina State Champion must be a North Carolina resident. Match Champion Award will be given to Open Match Winner each day (who will not receive a class award.) Class awards will be as follows: Three (3) places awarded in each class Master through B, and Unclassified (if it exists).
Awards will also be presented to High Senior, High Lady, High Junior for each day’s tournament. Competitors winning multiple awards, with the exception of Hi Animal, will choose the award they wish to receive. Daily match and aggregate awards will be awarded at the conclusion of the respective match for the day.

Friday: Practice & Classification Match for unclassified shooters….…… noon to 5:00 PM.
Saturday: Practice…………………… 8:00 – 8:45 AM………Match begins promptly at 9:00.
Lunch provided between matches.
Sunday: Practice………………………8:00 – 8:45 AM………Match begins promptly at 9:00.
Lunch provided between matches.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Lunch will be provided each day for each registered competitor, and may be purchased for spectators for $9 each. The club does not have electricity nor running water, but separate Portable Restrooms will be available.  Drinking water will be provided free of charge.


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