2700 Pistol

Bullseye pistol matches are a very well regulated NRA governed discipline.  We use NRA classification and the NRA rule book to classify and regulate our matches.  Our NRA approved 2700 Bullseye Matches are held on the first Saturday of every month April through October with an unsanctioned “Top Gun Invitational 2700 Match” on the first Saturday of November every year.  Shooting starts at 9:15 am sharp with a 10 minute sight-in period followed by the .22 caliber match, the center fire match and the .45 caliber match.  We break for 10 minutes between the .22 and center fire matches and for lunch between the center fire and .45 matches.  Basic entry level skill requirements are that anyone shooting in our matches be able to consistently hit a full face slow fire target at 50 yards and be able to comprehend and obey our safety regulations.  Because of safety concerns we reserve the right to deny or revoke competitors entries.  All three matches, .22, center fire and .45 are the same courses of fire.  They are 20 shots slow fire, 30 shots for a national match course, 20 shots timed fire and 20 shots rapid fire for a 900 match each.  Call 828-625-4191 for more information.