Annual Bill Cogburn Muzzle Loading Rifle Shoot at the ARPC.

Saturday,  May 27th  2017

In honor of the contributions that Bill Cogburn has made to the sport of muzzleloading, the ARPC is sponsoring a match where all types of muzzleloading rifles are welcome.  The goal is to give everyone an excuse to drag their muzzleloader out to the club and have a good time.  We will divide into two shooting categories, modern and traditional.

Traditional Rifle Class
All muzzle loading rifles that are original or modern copies of a traditional design as would have been used prior to 1865 and using any type of metallic sights.  Rifles in this class would include Hawken designs, Lyman Great Plains, military muskets, flintlocks, and trade guns.  Must shoot traditional patched round ball, traditional grooved or paper patched pure lead slug, or expanding hollow base Minnie ball.  Determination of your rifle class will be made at sign in.

Modern Rifle Class
Any muzzle loader that does not fit into the traditional class, usually with one or more of the following modern features;  inline ignition, thumbhole or modern target style stock, telescopic or other optical sights, ignition other than flint or traditional cap (ie 209 shotshell primer), stainless steel construction, non-traditional stock materials (ie plastic), or shooting modern Maxi ball or sabot. Determination of your rifle class will be made at sign in.

Aggregate #1 will be the Hunters Aggregate.  This will consist of 5 shots on each of three different animal targets.  No sighters allowed for this aggregate, you may hang only your score target at any given range.  You may hang other targets at other ranges if space on the range allows.

*Charlie Heffner deer target, 5 shots offhand at 25 yards (above)

*Charlie Heffner standing buffalo target, 5 shots offhand at 50 yards (above)

*NMLRA buffalo target 5 shots, sitting or standing from cross sticks at 100 yards (above)

Aggregate #2Target Aggregate.  This will consist of 5 shots on each of three different traditional muzzle loading targets.

*Novelty Bottle Target 50 yards 5 shots offhand.  Hits on the top bottle DO NOT COUNT, shoot only the lower five bottles. (above)

*100 yard NMLRA bullseye target, at 100 yards, 5 shots from the bench, rifle to be supported by the body alone.  No artificial rest. (above)

*NMLRA International Flint bullseye target, 5 shots at 200 yards, shot from bench, rifle to be supported by the body alone.  No artificial rest. (above)

Rules: This shoot will be open to members and non-members alike.  Non-members will need to sign an ARPC liability waiver.

If you have questions, please don’t be shy,  ASK !  We love to talk about muzzleloaders and will be glad to help.

Any muzzle loading rifle in sound repair that does not present a hazard to bystanders. Any sights, any caliber, and any design from smoothbore musket to scoped inline.  Any bullet including patched ball, maxi, minie, and sabot (traditional class may not use projectiles that were not available in 1865).  Black powder and black powder substitutes only – no smokeless.  Depending on your rifle and ammunition type will determine if you will shoot modern class or traditional.  Loading will be behind the line using the tables provided,  rifles carried to and from the line muzzle straight up and above your head.  Capping and priming can only be done on the firing line when the muzzle is pointed downrange.  Capping and priming materials should be kept on the line and not at the loading table.  No loading directly from a powder container (use a measure to do this).  No open powder containers (keep them covered).  No smoking on the line or in the loading area (black powder is too flammable).  No blowing down rifle barrels.  Swabbing between shots is recommended.  Flintlocks will be required to attach a cardboard side shield next to their spot on the line.  All scores are taken from the center of the hit on the target and not from the innermost broken line.  This keeps it more fair as muzzle loaders range from 32 caliber up to 75 caliber or so.  Relays will be up to 30 minutes each, shorter if everyone finishes early, with approximately 15 minutes between.  Once targets are posted they must be scored at the end of that relay, no alibis.  You may shoot multiple targets for score in the same relay if you desire.  However, all targets will be submitted for score at the end of that relay and no two targets may be posted at the same distance when shooting the hunters aggregate (hunters don’t get sighters when in the field and this is to better represent that).  Ties broken using the widest shot on the longest range target.

Prizes: Plaque to the top shooter in each class for each aggregate,  one pair for the traditional class and another pair for the modern class.

Cost: Members $4.50 per aggregate.  Non-members are $5.50 per aggregate.

Time:  Sign in begins at 8:00am Saturday May 28th, 2016.  Range officer will review the rules, commands,  and firing line procedure at 9:00am.  The matches are not squadded and may be shot in any order and during any relay.  Sight in targets are not supplied so bring your own.

The rimfire only portion of the line will be open during the entire match but must follow the range commands and timing of the match.

You should have time to comfortably shoot two aggregates

8:00am         Sign in begins

9:00am         Safety briefing

1:00pm         Cut off time for start of last relay