Membership Information



Fees and Dues:

$150.00  Initiation Fee – which is payable at the time of application

$100.00  Annual Dues – based on the month you join.


Membership in ARPC  is open to any person who meets our club’s basic eligibility requirements, and who is:

1. 21 years of age or older, and

2. A member in good standing of the National Rifle Association of America, and

3.  Completes and submits an application for membership on a form approved by the Board of Directors, pays the required fees, and complies with such regulations concerning admission to membership that is set forth by the Board.

4. Possess a valid concealed carry (CCW) permit, or be in possession of a valid handgun purchase permit, and be willing to provide a copy of it at the time of application. We use this as a background check of the applicant.

The club takes great effort to maintain a safe and secure shooting environment at our facility and it is expected that all new applicants and members be dedicated to safe gun handling and responsible gun ownership. To that end, the club membership and management have endeavored to establish the Standard Operating Procedures, the New Member Orientation Program, the RSO training program, the RSC safety reviews and the range improvements and maintenance all to effect the highest level of safety in shooting.

To become a member, please attend our next regular meeting, go to the member site and create an account and fill out the online application. If you are planning on coming to a meeting as a new applicant, we ask that you arrive at 6:30 pm in order to have adequate time review your application and other membership info and ask any questions of our membership director prior to the start of the meeting.